Verruca Needling 

Needling is a minor surgical procedure.

The goal is to implant infected cells into the dermis thus stimulating an immune response and, therefore; destruction of the virus.  Often only one session is needed but a course of of needling may be needed for stubborn warts/verrucae. Success rates are higher than traditional treatments like cryotherapy (freezing).  Follow-up consultation is included in the price of treatment.


Step 1

Local anaesthetic is injected into the toe or ankle.

Step 2

The area is cleansed with iodine and a sterile needle is used to puncture the verruca lesion and dermo-epidermal junction multiple times.

Step 3

aA sterile dressing and padding is applied. We will then see you within 2 weeks for a follow-up. Final result is not usually seen untill a few months fter the procedure. 



Includes a follow-up appointment

*Affordable monthly payment plans available!

How does needling compare to other methods?

Swift-studies by swift have found up to 86.4% success with 3 treatments

Needling-  upto 69-75% success with 1-3 treatments

Salicylic-  31% around 6- 10 weekly treatments normally needed

Freezing- 34% around 6 treatments normally needed

Surgery – 72-90% clearance usually last resort due to risk of scar tissue and permanent loss of fatty padding.