SWIFT® Verruca Treatment

A breakthrough technology for the treatment of verruca and warts! Suitable for hands and feet!


Swift is a cutting edge technology developed in the UK that has proven to be highly effective in the removal of verrucae compared to traditional treatments such as acids or freezing. It delivers low dose microwave energy through a specialized probe that targets and effectively treats the underlying HPV virus by stimulating a natural immune response in the body. We like to say that we’re addressing the root cause; not the symptom.

What to expect

Treatment Protocol 

Swift protocol involves  3 treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart; aligning with the body’s natural immune cycle. Each treatment lasts only 5-10 minutes.  No home treatment is required between treatments and patients are able to resume daily activities.

Does it hurt?

Patients typically feel short 2 seconds dose of heat which is painful, as the skin temperature rapidly elevates over a 2 second dose of energy. The pain immediately subsides following cessation of energy delivery and there is very limited post procedural pain. It may not be suitable for children or those with low pain thresholds. 

How does it compare to other methods?

    Swift-studies by swift have found up to 86.4% success with 3 treatments

Needling-  upto 69% success with 1-3 treatments

Salicylic-  31% around 6- 10 weekly treatments normally needed

Freezing- 34% around 6 treatments normally needed

Surgery – 72-90% clearance usually last resort due to risk of scar tissue and permanent loss of fatty padding.  


1 session | £116

*Affordable monthly payment plans available!