Nail Surgery

At 360 podiatry we specialise in nail surgery. The partial or full nail avulsion procedure (nail surgery) is a minimally invasive procedure to permanently treat common nail conditions:

Onychocrptosis (ingrown toenails)

Onychogryphosis (thickened nail)

Onychomycosis (fungal nails)

Retronychia (Condition of the nail root

Paronychia (inflamed nail root)


Step 1

First, the toe is numbed with local anaesthetic.

Step 2

Then, either the whole nail or part of the nail is removed. 

Step 3

A chemical called phenol is usually then applied if permanent removal of the nail is desired. 

Step 4

Special dressings are then applied to the toe.

Step 5

You will attend follow-up appointments to oversee healing. 


1 toe |  £420

2 toes | £500

 Patients must have a pre-assessement (£75) before nail surgery. 3-5 follow up appointments are usually needed. These are all included in the price of the procedure. Includes laser therapy and aftercare kit to speed up healing.

*Affordable monthly payment plans available!