Nail Bracing and Onyfix®

A pain free treatment for ingrown or curved toesnails.

Do you suffer from involuted, pincer or ingrown toenails?​

Our podiatrist Isabel Wilson is the leading specialist in the UK for nail bracing. We are the only Podiatry clinic in the UK to offer 8 different types of nail bracing techniques!​

Many people with  curled, problematic toenails, are avoiding nail surgery with this service, similar to dental bracing.


How it works

ONYFIX: The Class 1 Medical Device has been designed to correct painful ingrown toenails through the application of a 2mm band of resin applied directly to the nail. As the nail grows, the applied resin band gradually lifts curved nails into correct alignment without pain or the need for surgery.

Onyfix delivers a guide to the nail to allow the nail to grow out into a natural shape through normal growth in a tension and pain-free process. This resin band remains on the nail until the nail passes through an entire growth cycle, from the base to the tip, guiding the nail into a natural shape throughout the process.

Other styles: techniques vary.

What is nail bracing?

In a prospective study, up to 95% of patients treated with nail braces showed major improvement, reduced pain and high patient satisfaction.*

We offer 8 different styles of nail bracing!


1 nail | POA

2 nails | POA

* Wang, Hsiao-Han & Yang, Ting-Hua & Wei Che, Liu & Tsung-Yu, Tsai & Huang, Yu Chen. (2019). Efficacy of Nail Braces for Acute and Chronic Ingrown Toenails: A Prospective Study. Dermatologic Surgery. 46. 1. 10.1097/DSS.0000000000001905.