Cosmetic nail reconstruction

What is cosmetic nail reconstruction?

Nail construction is a fantastic treatment for patients with damaged or mishapen nails. A new nail is constructed from a hybrid gel formula, made in Germany. Regular acrylic nails do not flex and can damage toenails. Great for special occasions! We recommend nail reconstruction is removed after 2 weeks.

Not suitable for humid/hot holidays.


Step 1

Damaged nails will be reduced and as much of the diseased nail removed as possible. The nail is then roughened with a file. 

Step 2

The toenail is cleaned to remove any oils and disinfected.

Step 3

A solution is applied to the nail/nail plate to enhance the bonding of the gel.

Step 4

The gel is then applied in layers, with each layer hardened with a UV light. As soon as the desired thickness is created the nail is filed and buffed to finish. A top coat is then applied. 
Can be painted like a normal nail. 


1 nail | £95

2 nails | £105

1-2 nails+medical pedicure | £135

Removal | £45