A simple method to treat fungal toenails

Clearanail ® is a patented device for treating Fungal Nail (Onychomycosis).

Clearanail is based upon Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP)® that makes tiny holes in the nail plate and automatically retracts when it reaches the nail bed.

The holes allow topical treatments to reach the nail bed where the majority of the infection lies.

This treatment may not be suitable for all infections. We recommended you come in for a fungal nail assessment to discuss if clearanail is suitable for you.


Initial treatment

Step 1. Your podaitrist will assess the nail and take clippings to test the nail to confirm diagnosis.

Your podiatrist will take photos at this stage so that we can monitor progress.

Step 2. The nails will be prepared and if necessary reduced in thickness.

Shoes brought to the appointment will be put into our Klenx machine to kill fungus spores.

Step 3. The podiatrist will then drill micro holes using the Clearanail device. For a severe infection hundreds of holes will be drilled.

Step 4. After care advice and home care package will be given.


Price following initial assessment

1 toe | £110

2-5 toes | £130

5-10 toes | £150

Follow ups| £90