Verrucas / Warts

Verrucae are skin lesions caused by infection of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), commonly called  warts . In some people stubborn verruca can last around 7 years or longer.  

Warts do not commonly cause symptoms but can often be painful on weight bearing areas of the foot. 

 Patients may also choose to treat them to prevent the warts multiplying or due to embarrassment.

Recommended Services

At 360 Podiatry we offer the following services:

Other treatments:

Caustics : use of various acids and compounds.

Debriding : Removing the uncomfortable hard skin caused by the virus.

Cryotherapy: Nitrogen gas used to freeze the verruca

​We also treat warts on the hands!

Sucess rates of different methods

Swift-studies by swift have found up to 86.4% success with 3 treatments

Needling-  upto 69-75% success with 1-3 treatments

Salicylic-  31% around 6- 10 weekly treatments normally needed

Freezing- 34% around 6 treatments normally needed

Surgery – 72-90% clearance usually last resort due to risk of scar tissue and permanent loss of fatty padding.

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