Damaged Toenails

Not all thickend, crumbly or yellow nails are fungal!

Toenails are prone to many different conditions that can drastically change their appearance. Pressure from ill-fitting footwear or sports can cause nails to become thick and discoloured.

Common conditions we treat in clinic:

Onychogryphosis (Rams horn nail, common in sporty people)

Onychauxis (Thick nails)

Yellow nail syndrome (Often due to systemic conditions)

Melanonychia (Pigmented nails common in those with darker skin)

Onycholysis (Loose nails)

Subungual hematoma (Bruised nails)

Psoriatic  nail

Onychomadesis (double nails)

Distal embedding syndrome (short, stunted nails) 

Dissappearing nail bed syndrome

Pseudomonas infection (Bacterial infection common in those who have gel/acrylic fake nails)

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