Foot corns are hardened layers of skin that develop from your skin’s response to friction and pressure.

We can remove corns quickly and painlessly using sterile tools. We will then advise on how to prevent the reoccurrence of corns. 

Types of corns

There are many different types of corns:

Heloma Durum

or Hard Corns are found of pressure points of the foot or commonly on the 5th toe. 

Heloma Molle

or Soft Corns are usually found between the toes are usually caused by a bony prominence on the small toes. This type of corn is usually aggravated by tight-fitting shoes. 

Intractable Plantar Keratosis (IPK)

is a large deep corn found on the ball of the foot. Often misdiagnosed as a verruca.

Heloma Miliare

or Seed Corns are very small corns found in cluster on the foot. They usually do not cause any pain. 


or Durlacher’s Corn is a small hard corn located next to the nail plate on the fifth toe. 

Neurovascular corns

Patient often are heavy smoker. These are corns that have both nerve fibres and blood vessels in them. They can be very painful and can bleed profusely if cut. We sometimes recommend treatment under anaesthetic. 


Book in for a routine chiropody appointment to have your corns treated. We also offer  Curacorn® (dermal fillers) which is a new treatment to treat the cause of corns.

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